Rocks and Minerals part 2

Posted by Ron Jean on 6/26/2013 to Ingredients
Minerals in Make up
Minerals are commonly used in Make up . understand what is in your product
Part 1 covers definitions of Minerals  and
Part 2 presents Pevonia's Sabai - Beyond traditional stone massage

Rocks and Minerals part 1

Posted by Ron Jean on 6/26/2013 to Ingredients
Rocks and Minerals  Part 1
We define and clarify the terms rocks and minerals so we can be specific in describing their use in cosmetics in future articles.
Part 2 will cover mineral make up ;
Part 3 will deal with Pevonia's Sabai experience   " Beyond traditional stone massage"

The Art of Tea - Reprint from Spa Canada. Flowering tea.

Posted by Ron Jean on 6/24/2013
The Art of Tea  is a brand name of Flowering Tea Buds that provide a visual experience while your perfect tea of choice is steeping. A globe shaped glass teapot further frames and enhances the magnificient metamorphosis. Enjoy.
Art of Tea - Lavender Kiss

Its your business

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Its your business
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