The Art of Tea - Reprint from Spa Canada. Flowering tea.

Posted by Ron Jean on 6/24/2013
There are over 3000 different types of tea in the world but all come from a single plant, the Camellia sinensis. The finest tea is harvested from the bud and top two leaves of this plant and what determines the type of tea is the length of time the leaves are left to wither and oxidize. The Art of Tea is a combination of premium tea leaves and flowers that are hand sewn together to present tea in a most luxurious way. Our Tea Flowers combine the sweetness and aromatic quality of flowers, such as Jasmine and Rose, with the fragrant taste of tea, thus creating a total sensory drinking experience. Just add hot boiling water and you will be amazed as the tightly hand sewn bulb blossoms before your eyes. The flowers are gently nestled among the bed of tea leaves and the subtle fragrance of the tea will leave you feeling warm and relaxed.
The Art of Tea is a theatrical and magical experience that is nothing short of  poetry in motion.
The Benefits of Tea.
Tea is rich in polyphenols, tannin, flavanols, fluoride and vitamins C, P, K and B. Tea generally acts as a strong anti-oxidant and also aids in improving cardiovascular health and cancer prevention. They have also been known to reduce the aging process and boost the immune system. While tea does contain caffeine, the amounts are far less than that found in coffee and studies have shown that as few as four servings of tea a day may have a positive impact on your health.
Black Teas are teas that have been fully oxidized and dried. The leaves are also broken and bruised, and it is the result of these two processes that darkens the leaves. Black Teas have a rich, commanding and malty taste.
Green Teas are tea leaves that are steamed immediately after being plucked, in order to halt the oxidization process. The leaves remain green and are later flattened or curled. Green Teas usually have a grassy, vegetal taste.
White Tea is the royalty of tea, and exclusively consists of the top leaf and the bud. What distinguishes White Tea from other types of tea is that it is only harvested in early spring before the buds open. The buds are then heated to halt the oxidation process, resulting in only minimal oxidation and withering taking place. The leaves are characterized by their silky, white downy hairs. White Teas have a very sweet and delicate taste compared to other types of tea, and they go down smoothly, without leaving a bitter aftertaste on the palate.
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