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Stone Massage and Mineral Therapy.


The use of rocks, minerals, and crystals in beauty treatments is an ancient practice. Various crystals reflect light and have been given mystical meanings. Gems and semiprecious minerals have their own meanings in every culture of the world and are claimed to have “ Therapeutic” properties . Although many of the claimed intangible properties of minerals are difficult to substantiate, there is an astounding amount of evidence supporting the chemical and physical properties of minerals in their support of bodily functions and life systems.
Indeed, perhaps the most widely available source of disolved minerals suitable to life forms is Sea Water. The composition of this “Bio Brine” is so close to bodily fluids and interstitial liquids that modern research is examining the role of each of its constituents on human well being. 

The Institute of Medicine  of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States has already set RDA ( Recommended Dietary Allowances) for at least 6 key minerals for maintaining health. Minerals are essential parts of enzymes and participate actively in the regulation of many physiological functions of the body. Minerals can also be used as major structural components ( bones) or even as carriers of oxygen in the blood ( Iron in hemoglobin). In Crustaceans like lobsters, the oxygen carrier is copper rather than iron, that is why a lobster has a bluish tinge to its blood rather than the normal red color we are used to.


Let us back track a bit and look at rocks and minerals that are used in the Spa industry by therapists solely for their physical properties. Then we will delve into the chemical properties later.


Stone massage is a common contemporary treatment offered by therapists. Most often the stone is a basalt (black Igneous Rock) .  The rocks are often rounded , ovoid , or somewhat flat.  They can be small ( placed between toes) large, ( placed on the abdomen and chest or placed to be lied on) or medium ( most often used as a substitute to hands in massage).   Frequently, the stones are warmed for improved customer comfort.  The prime purpose of this technique is for relaxation.   This use of stones or minerals is neither new nor unique. Coarse stones are often used for their friction and exfoliating properties, fine gemstone disks are used in Asia for a contrasting smooth and sharp massage technique. Stones are also used in the bottom of walking water troughs to stimulate foot reflex zones. Because of the random shape of the stones, consistent and precise massage is difficult to administer.


Traditional stone therapy is a current marketing trend whose purpose is primarily for relaxation and to provide an alternative treatment to Manual massage.



Sabai  by Pevonia

Pevonia has created shaped mineral massage implements made of Black Granite. Each of four shapes has its use, technique and application that permits you to 2 or 4 handed massage with consistency and reproducible effect. They heat up faster, stay warm or cool longer, they can be disinfected because unlike basalt, they are non porous. The therapist can use them as an extension and complement to their hands to provide an experience not achievable by hands alone.
The use of black granite gives the stone its particular friction. The particle size of the granite assure its smoothness,  permeability and heat or cold retention.  Rods are rolled, rod ends are used in pointed pressure, half moons are rocked, edges provide precise control.  A complete massage technique with these tools is presented and offered by Pevonia.
But this covers only the wonderful physical properties of stone massage. There is more...
With such wonderful minerals available in nature, Pevonia has added the physiological benefits of minerals in addition to the Physical properties mentioned above.
How does the body absorb and assimilate minerals?  In order for minerals to be absorbed, they must be of very fine particulate size. ( a few nanometers in size) or dissolved. Then the body must selectively choose a mineral and process it in a form that can be absorbed and used. Co-ordinated compounds are secondary ( higher level) compounds where a mineral atom is surrounded by a chain of elements. This chain is then capable of being absorbed by the skin or in the body and render the central mineral for use. Such a process is called Chelation. Chelated minerals and metals are absorbed and assimilated 10 times faster than pure minerals. Chelated vitamins are readily available in health food stores for human consumption,  as is Chelated Iron in grass fertilizers.  If the minerals could be dissolved or converted into a useable form that is readily absorbed by the skin, then we would have true mineral therapy. Pevonia has created just that.

Pevonia Research and development has added a new dimention to traditional stone therapy: Lithotherapy or Mineral therapy.


Minerals have been micronized , chelated and incorporated in a Hazelnut oil base. These oils are then applied to the skin which readily absorbs them along with the selected minerals. The products are assimilated by the skin and the process is reinforced by the process and Use of Pevonia’s stone massage tools and techniques.


Look at these two Minerals:  Copper and Zinc
Two of the body’s essential elements are presented in Pevonia’s  Sabai system:
( in the form of Anhydrous  Copper Carbonate – Malachite)  
(in the form of Anhydrous  Zinc Carbonate – Smithsonite)

Pevonia introduces an extention to the regular stone massage by presenting therapists with true and complete Lithotherapy  - Mineral Therapy, Tools, and Technique.  We call this :


Sabai  from the Thai expression for Well Being.   
Together with these shaped and sculpted implements, minerals, unique techniques and temperatures,  Pevonia added the dimension of aromatherapy  by including your choice of Lavender, Neroli ( orange blossom), or Rosemary  to this treatment. Pure indulgence, Pure heaven
Ask your Spa and insist to have a Sabai experience today



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