Rejuvalight II

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Set yourself apart from the competition by offering the latest advancement in light therapy technology.

Rejuvalight II features elaborate treatment programs based on proven-effective scientific research. This phenomenal system expedites the skin’s healing ability and visibly promotes healthier, more youthful-looking skin. Offer this outstanding light therapy as a service upgrade or easily incorporate it within your present service menu for an unparalleled treatment experience and exponential spa revenue.

  • Normalizes Cellular Metabolism

  • Increases Cellular Renewal

  • Promotes Increased Skin Moisture

  • Stimulates Fibroblasts Activity

  • Boosts Collagen & Elastin Production

  • Increases Oxygen Supply

  • Stimulates Blood Circulation Lightens Hyperpigmentation

  • Calms Redness From Microcirculation Problems

  • Accelerates Tissue Repair & Healing

  • Energizes Skin

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