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A Division of Pevonia International LLC, formerly the CosmoproGroup.

Pevonia Spa Consulting is a consulting and networked support company designed to provide outstanding solutions to our customers and to promote the services of its members on a global basis under a unifying brand.

Cutting Edge 

As part of Pevonia International LLC, leader in the spa industry, we gain insight into future industry developments long before they are available in the market in such areas as product innovation, scientific advances, equipment design, protocol, guest experiences, and more.

This places us at the forefront of spa design with the ability to fully encompass upcoming advances and captivate spa guests.

We spearhead the development of Spa Evolution.


As part of a global company with representation in over 70 countries worldwide, we develop spa consulting and design standards and share these standards with our members through constant exchange. 

This permits a parallel network of local support and consistency for our multinational customers with properties throughout the world.


Our culture operates by the following principles:

• sharp, Incisive and in-depth comprehension of  spas, spa operations, and the spa industry.

• Creative, innovative, and engaging design

• Financial, time conscious, and responsive

• Providing feedback or control systems and timely follow up

• At the discretion of the customer: being collaborative and engaging with our clients; encouraging our customers to take owner of the development and progress of the project.


PEVONIA SPA CONSULTING is a Spa Consulting Company comprised of membership.

Our members are selected because they are leaders in their field or area with proven track records. Each of our members brings their own consulting strengths and competencies to the projects.  Our members are located throughout the world.

Key Members:  attached Bio or reference links

Ronald Jean, Managing Director PEVONIA SPA CONSULTING, www.pevonia.com– spa consulting

Salvatore Picucci  Pevonia Spa Consulting PEVONIA SPA CONSULTING Italia, wellness

Johnnie Koortzen, The Business For Wellness TM South Africa


Gupindar Mahal, Lifestyle International, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South East Asia, China, Australia

Additional Affiliates include members in France, Spain, Norway, UK, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Australia

We also collaborate with the following renowned Architects:

1. Simone Micheli  www.simonemicheli.com Italy

2. Karl Landauer www.atelier-landauer.com Austria

3. Robert D Henry   www.rdh-architects USA

Service Offerings 


•Concept definitions and Vision statements

• Spa repositioning, Spa design and creation

• Facilities development

• Creating guest experiences, signature treatments,

• Business plans, design, assistance through construction phases


•Facilities engineering: pools, fountains, water features

• Spa circuits

• Spa program development, Staff development


• Spa repositioning

• Developing Corporate Spa structure

• Defining Spa trends, Spa impact, Spa utilization


• Spa management, Spa coaching, Spa training

• Protocol manuals and SOP manuals

• Staff recruitment


•Identity, branding

•Event planning

• Brochure creation

• Multi-media positioning


• Spa flow analysis

• Spa audit and evaluation,Spa staff evaluation

• Establishing control and relevant report systems

• Reports, facilities assessment

• Financial models

• Equipment selection


•Spa director class, Spa management workshops,

Sales training: “Don’t sell, recommend!”

• Advanced Hydrotherapy training (Theory and practical)

• Spa Creation, Understanding your Spa business

• Post Graduate Skin Care modular Certification Program by  Sylvie Hennessy

*Through members, PEVONIA SPA CONSULTING is a Consulting Company.   Not all services are equally offered by all members.

Your Project:

Projects are evaluated by type, size, scope, needs assessment, timing, and budgets.

We expertly assess your competences and capacities and seek ways to integrate the project with your capabilities.  We can also collaborate directly with your own contracted architects as this the case for many of our clients.

A team is selected from our members most suited to the project requirements and fulfillment. Team member roles are defined, along with responsibilities, set timelines and deliverables. A proposal is created consisting of several logical phases, which require owner approvals before progressing to subsequent phases. Ongoing progress reports are determined along with reporting schedules until project completion. Final reports are presented after project completion.

Fees are dictated by the nature of the project(s). Commonly, architecture is usually based on a percentage of construction costs; Engineering, either on a project cost or cost plus basis; Training, on a per day or contract basis; Consulting, on a per day or contract basis; Outsourced management, on a formula encompassing percentage of revenue and profits.

Each major project is co-authored and verified by 2 senior PEVONIA SPA CONSULTING members.

Partial Listing - Current  & Past Member Projects

Starwood Group:

∙ Westin Beijing ∙ Sheraton Shanghai ∙ Sheraton Xinjian ∙ Sheraton Xiamen ∙ Sheraton Changsha ∙ Sheraton Zhoustan ∙ Sheraton Huizhou ∙ Sheraton Haikou ∙ Westin New Delhi ∙ Westin Hyderabad ∙ Le Meridien Sanja ∙ Sheraton Thousand Island ∙ Sheraton Guangzhou ∙ W Guangzhou ∙ Sheraton Four Points Guangzhou ∙ Sheraton Nha Trang-Vietnam ∙ St Regis Jakarta ∙ Songo Convention Center Inchong Korea

Ritz Carlton:

∙ Ritz Carlton Beijing ∙ Ritz Carlton Guangzhou

Hilton International:

∙The Spa at Hilton Suites – Markham ∙ Hilton Hefei-China ∙ Hilton Chongqing ∙ Hilton Sanja ∙ Hilton Millennium- Bangkok


∙Kempinski Shenyang ∙ Landmark Hotel Shenzhen ∙ Loong Palace Beijing ∙ Terme di Livigno Italy ∙ Terme Pompeo – Italy ∙ Taj Hotel New Delhi ∙ Karkloof Spa South Africa ∙ One Wellness at the Radisson ∙ South Africa ∙ Centenial College Spa facilities Toronto ∙ Son Spa Hotel  Norway ∙ AOT Macau – proposal ∙ Jumeirah Han Tang Xintiandi Spa Shanghai ∙ Conrad Shanghai Spa ∙ Banjan Tree at Westin Shanghai ∙ Wellness Spa JC Mandarin-Shanghai ∙ Ripple Spa Tianjin China ∙ Mandarin Oriental: Beijing ∙ JW Marriott: Beijing ∙ Shangri-la: Health Club and Chi Spa ∙ Beijing ∙ Puong ∙ Xian  ∙ Water Garden at the Enjoy Center - Edmonton ∙ The Granite Club: Toronto ∙ Riverstone ( Inn at the Forks) : Winnepeg ∙ Poet’s Cove: Pender Island BC ∙ Grand Hotel Bad Ragaz: Switzerland  ∙ Sandals Resorts



Contact Us:

Ronald Jean  ,Managing Director

Pevonia Global Spa Consulting

300 Fentress Blvd, Daytona Beach, Florida 32114 USA

Tel: +1-386-254-1697  Fax: +1-386-239-8269

web: www.pevoniaglobalspaconsulting.com/  

email:  [email protected]

Direct Line: +1-905-479-2121 ext 124  

cell: +1-416-399-1036 

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